URH Edzés 2020.6.14 Peskő - Vértestolna
Gerecse Rádióklub

Competition: 21. 06. 2020   from 9.45
Band/Limit: 80-m-band / 180 min
Competitors: M21W21W14Com+Hlp

H e r m a n   T i b o r      

  no Place   with a run time of 103'16 min   and 0 foxes
in the M21 category

Route >0mSequenceS--F
Run times103 min
Run route>   m
min. distance> 3500 mS-1-F1-5-F2-F3-4-F4-3-2-F5-B-F (M21)
Time stamp
Founded before(-),
within(x), after(+)
transmit cycle
Sum run time
Start10:33:35   0'00

Fox-to-Fox run times in the M21 category

Fox >> FoxDistanceCom.(StNo) Min. RtAverage RtMax. RtTibor, Herman
S >> F  m1(33)  103'16 103'16 103'16 103'16

The results in the M21 category

PlNameClubCallTotal RtResidueFoxSequenceRun timesRoute
1.Nagy, GyörgyPUS 55'49 11S-2-F5-F4-3-4-F3-F2-5-F1-1-B-F10+03+05+04+03+03+07+04+08+02+06+00>4200m
4.László, KárolyZAL 71'14 10S-1-5-F2-F3-4-F4-2-F5-3-B-F10+11+04+16+04+05+03+03+05+10+00>3600m
5.Bruzsa, TamásINT 84'14 10S-1-5-F2-2-4-F3-F4-3-F5-B-F06+14+05+21+05+04+05+03+16+03+01>3960m
6.Szűk, ZoltánFMVHA5SZ68'07 6S-3-4-5-2-1-B-F17+08+19+09+09+06+01>3740m
- Petőfi, TV  78'33 1S#B-F66+12>100m
- Tibor, Herman  103'16  S-F103> m

Organizer: Krajcár Lajos   HA2QW